Accounting (without Thesis) (Distant Education)

Master's Degree - Instıtute Of Socıal Scıences

Program Learning Outcomes

Order Type Program Learning Outcomes
PLO01 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Ability to comprehend the basic principles of accounting, auditing and tax issues and use these principles together effectively
PLO02 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal To explain the basic theoretical models in the accounting science and to list, define and use the new input systems in the literature; specify the characteristics and weaknesses of each model and / or system.
PLO03 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Ability to identify, research and analyze accounting, auditing and tax issues.
PLO04 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal To explain how to interpret the results obtained by applying the models in accounting
PLO05 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Understanding the legal and ethical issues encountered in the accounting profession.
PLO06 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Combining business management methods and accounting methods
PLO07 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Achieve the most appropriate result by using basic financial analysis techniques
PLO08 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal To take leadership by taking responsibility individually and / or in a team and to manage the accounting process effectively by carrying out the necessary work.
PLO09 Beceriler - Bilişsel, Uygulamalı Being aware of the necessity of lifelong learning
PLO10 Beceriler - Bilişsel, Uygulamalı Utilizing different sources within the framework of academic rules in a new field of accounting, synthesizing the information obtained and presenting effectively
PLO11 Yetkinlikler - Bağımsız Çalışabilme ve Sorumluluk Alabilme Yetkinliği Written and oral communication competence
PLO12 Yetkinlikler - Öğrenme Yetkinliği Questioning applications and methods, developing and implementing new working methods when deemed necessary.
PLO13 Yetkinlikler - Öğrenme Yetkinliği By making research on accounting science, forming the basis for the right decision making process