Biotechnology (English) (Interdisciplinary)

Doctorate Degree - Instıtute Of Natural And Applıed Scıences

Program Learning Outcomes

Order Type Program Learning Outcomes
PLO01 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Develop and deepen the current and advanced knowledge in the field with original thought and / or research at the level of expertise based on the qualifications of the graduate and reach the original definitions that will bring innovation to the field.
PLO02 Bilgi - Kuramsal, Olgusal Understands the interdisciplinary interaction of the field; it achieves original results using knowledge requiring expertise in analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex ideas.
PLO03 Beceriler - Bilişsel, Uygulamalı Evaluates, uses and transfers new information in the field with a systematic approach.
PLO04 Beceriler - Bilişsel, Uygulamalı Makes critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complex thoughts.
PLO05 Yetkinlikler - Bağımsız Çalışabilme ve Sorumluluk Alabilme Yetkinliği Makes leadership in environments that require the analysis of original and interdisciplinary problems.
PLO06 Yetkinlikler - Bağımsız Çalışabilme ve Sorumluluk Alabilme Yetkinliği It extends the limits of knowledge in its field by publishing at least one scientific article in its field in national and / or international refereed journals and / or producing or interpreting an original work.
PLO07 Yetkinlikler - Öğrenme Yetkinliği Develops new ideas and methods related to the field by using high level mental processes such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
PLO08 Yetkinlikler - İletişim ve Sosyal Yetkinlik He / she defends his / her original opinions in discussing the subjects in his / her field and establishes an effective communication showing his / her competence in the field.
PLO09 Yetkinlikler - Alana Özgü Yetkinlik Conducts scientific research in national and international scientific research groups.
PLO10 Yetkinlikler - Alana Özgü Yetkinlik Establishes functional interaction by using strategic decision making processes in solving problems encountered in the field.