The aim of this program is training agriculture engineers who are specialized in fruit, vegetable, vineyard and ornamental growing and breeding, and storage of horticultural products, who are capable of working in both public and private sectors, know country conditions and production structure, as well as having the ability to work internationally. The graduated students will be able to work in a variety of fields such as technical knowledge, practical skills, well-trained, questionable and responsive, able to solve problems, curious, able to empathize, to work in team work, in harmony with their surroundings and nature lover.


Horticulture Program aims to raise graduates who are equipped with theoretical and practical latest technological knowledge at the national and international level in fruits, vegetables, vineyards and ornamentals growing, cultural, social, sensitive to environment, with the ability to analyze and solve problems and have analytical thinking, project writing, consulting and expertise skills, who are in the knowledge of life-long learning.