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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Have a theoretical and basic knowledge necessary for agricultural production

- Seed the formation of the different plant species, production methods, have knowledge about processes such as marketing and harvest

- Ecological requirements of different fields and vegetable crops and to have information about their methods of cultivation and breeding methods


Cognitive, Practical

- Agricultural and seed production can not achieve, having the ability to make quality analysis related

- Be able to apply the skills in different plant breeding methods

- Ability to analyze the data obtained by him; to have the ability to evaluate and interpret

- Plant and recognition of pests and diseases in seed and have the ability to make fight

- Visit the ability to apply theoretical and not in determining the methods and techniques using practical information


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Adebil coordinating the plans and projects related to the field, have the competence to take responsibility as an individual or team

Learning Competence

- Knowledge acquired in the field and have the ability to develop skills

- Inquiry and have the competence to researchers

- Analytical thinking skills that

Communication and Social Competence

- Written and verbal communication rules to know and to have effective communication skills

- Basic level have the ability to use English

- Computer skills and have the knowledge to be contacted but using internet technologies

Field-based Competence

- Tohum tescili, sertifikalı tohumluk üretimi hakkında yasal düzenlemelere hakim olma

- Çevre koruma, iş güvenliği ve sağlıgı konularında yeterli bilince sahip olma

- Teknik, teknolojik ve ekonomik yönlerini dikkate alınarak tohum üretim alanlarında plan ve proje yapabilecek, uygulayabilecek ve yönetebilecek yetkinliğine sahip olma