In the end of the four-year program, our students are expected to be graphic artists/designers who have an exploratory, creative, cultural and critical perspective on their own study fields, who have the ability to add new functions to natural and artificial elements and images through reason and intuition. They are expected to be individuals who are sensitive to the environment, society and the human being itself, educate the society, develop its aesthetic perceptions and are proficient to produce in all physical platforms where the act of visual communication takes place.


In the field of art / design education and teaching, in the direction of universal criteria, individual and professional care for defending the ethical and legal values of the profession, with the conscious of being a citizen responsible for social, cultural, scientific and artistic values, to contribute to art and design in the country and the living city environment by educating the individuals who are aiming at the international level as the study field, following the technological developments and using them in their designs, combining the practice with theory and discovering creativity.