Our aim is to train professional midwives who approach clients holistically; can plan, apply and evaluate necessary midwifery care protect, improve and develop maternal, newborn, family, and public health preconception, prenatal, natal and postnatal periods; can pursue the needs of individuals in accordance with family planning services; can fulfill their roles and responsibilities as a member of the multidisciplinary health team efficiently and effectively; can take part in education, management and research about midwifery; can take into account the principles of professional ethics.


Students are aimed to gain the following knowledge and skills during the midwifery education: To deal with woman and her family by a holistic approach during conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum processes. To understand the importance of maternal health To protect, sustain and develop the physical, psychological and social health of mother and newborn starting with intra uterin period. To make mothers and their families take responsibility for their own health care. To adopt basic theory, concepts, principles and methods of midwifery. To get health practices into their lives. To diagnose risk cases and early deviations from health before conception, during pregnancy and childbirth and postpartum period. To use education and counseling techniques for restoration and maintenance of health care To do necessary birth control advisory in order to improve maternal and child health. To use conveyor chain in necessary situations. To use management skills in planning, executing and evaluating of midwifery services together with true communication skills and awareness of professional roles and responsibilities. To collaborate with other disciplines in midwifery training, management and research To use conveyor chain in necessary situations.