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The department was established in 1978. It has four different major subfields, namely Botany, Zoology, Molecular Biology and General Biology. The department has Molecular Biology, Bacterial, Genetics, Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology, Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology, Hydrobiology and Microbiology research laboratories as well as student education labs. Bank and Eastern Mediterranean Plant Herbarium (ADA) are also available. There are 14 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 assistant professors, 7 research assistants, 1 technician, 1 secretary and 1 employee, a total of 28 full time staff. In the department of Biology 666 students (348 getting regular education and 318 getting evening education) are imparted and informed in theoretical and practical skills and educated to work independently, learn, communicate and gain social competencies specific to the field of science. In addition to regular education, students are encouraged to participate and create social and other educational activities (congresses, symposiums, conferences, panels). Students are required to undergo training on issues and in places related to science of biology for 30 days. Students in the last year are presented postgraduate professional information on fields of study during certain time periods during the spring semester courses and also they carry out research projects in their interest of areas under the responsibility professors or assistant professors. Under the Bologna process, the department targets the framework of national and international qualifications and renew the courses in accordance with the requirements of the age. Students are encouraged to participate Erasmus and Farabi Programs. In addition, data base is created in order to communicate and get information by telephone and e-mail for graduates and undergraduates.
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421 (http://tyyc.yok.gov.tr/?pid=37)
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To prepare the students to serve as a link between the decision maker/executive and the persons implementing those decisions. To train the students as an ‘executive extender’ to required be efficient and up-to-date in office skills as a member of the office team. To make the students appliers of scientific developments to the industry To develop the skills of the students to meet the needs of a changing business world.
Program Type

The program allows full-time formal education