Occupational Profiles & Access to Further Studies:

Graduates will have a master degree and work in all kinds of institutions and organizations providing health services, medical analysis, Medical research and support units, Environmental protection and control, Ecological planning and related fields, Organizations and institutions engaged in biotechnology work,all kinds of production activities, Hydrobiological and fisheries-related research and production activities, Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife Management areas, Biology education-teaching activities and development of Biology programs, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) in the preparation of reports, The areas of Agriculture and Forestry as a basic scientist, Food Control Laboratories, Water treatment plants, Determination of standards for biological products, biomedical, Drug and pharmaceutical raw materials, production and quality control of cosmetic products, Vector control studies of living things, universities, Schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education, Private schools and classrooms, Industry R and D laboratories, Quality-control units in the industry