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It is known that the fiscal events that constitute the subject of finance science have a very important role and influence in the functioning of modern society life and state administration. One of the main characteristics of fiscal events is their multifaceted nature. For this reason, fiscal science is in a position of intersection of economics, law, sociology, political and administrative sciences and some other sciences in a close sense. Within this general framework, the main aims of public finance education can be listed as follows: to obtain basic knowledge about economics, law, sociology, political and administrative sciences and other fields (including quantitative sciences) closely related to public finance, To gain a synthesis in the framework of the topics and to understand new features that may arise in this structure, to benefit from the knowledge of the near fields in the field of theory and application in accordance with the aims of the public finance and to be able to make interdisciplinary collaborations with the elements of the fields when necessary.
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The main aim of the program is; To educate students who have sufficient knowledge in fiscal and economical matters and who can analyze economic phenomenon in light of this information and think analytically, have the ability to work and work in cooperation and harmony.
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This programme is a Full Time programme.