Course's Contribution To Program
NoProgram Learning OutcomesContribution
Learn the basic plant protection topics such as biology, ecology, systematic, control strategies of agents causing economical losses in cultivation
Students have the sufficient knowledge about agricultural engineering in general and also, plant protection area in private
Gain the sufficient equipment to determine the challenges about the diseases, pests and weeds in plant health and identify those agents.
Provides to apply practical control strategies safely and interpret the results; prescribe the pesticides in case of using chemical control.
Decide to the best and economic strategy by using knowledge to solve the challenges in plant protection and keep safe the protection of natural and sustainable sources.
Gain the skills to catch and analyze the basic methods of the scientific researches
Obtain the skill to choose and use modern technical tools in plant protection.
Skills on using a laboratory, identifying of the diseases, pests or weeds in laboratory conditions, analyzing, determination and interpret of the results and prepare reports.
Gain the ability to work lonely or with a team, responsibility in professional ethics and safety in applications.
Easily reaches to information on plant protection by using qualified Technologies and combine them with its knowledge to prepare written or oral presentations.
Gain the ability to communicate with farmers and organizations dealing with agriculture and be able to teach his professionals to them
Professional development in accordance with their interests and abilities, as well as the scientific, cultural, artistic and social fields, constantly improves itself by identifying training needs
Acqure the competence to be respectful to the professional ethics, to understand the plant protection challenges within the legal legislations and improve strategies to cope with them