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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Program was established in 1993 . This program consists of four semesters in two years. In this two years program, learning theoretical lectures, laboratory practices and industry based training is provided. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program students the basic concepts of science and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration applications in the teaching of manual skills to develop the industrial and laboratory prepared. The program aims to meet the need for qualified people in the industry today and in the future. For this reason, a member of the group of industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technician skilled workers should be provided with more information and foresight. The main task of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technician, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technicians and engineers to assist in the functioning of laboratory and industrial applications. To this end, extensive knowledge on the basic principles of air conditioning and refrigeration program and advanced technology with the ability to use and control of devices intended to educate the students.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

30 ECTS / Semester
Programın Lenght

2 Years
Program Discriptions and Details

This program, homes, businesses and industrial facilities air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration plant establishment, operation and maintenance technicians responsible to train. Grown this technicians, mechanical engineers and technicians and skilled workers with adequate technical knowledge with practical skills as well as intermediate element is designed to address the need. Even in some small and medium-sized enterprises technicians, the company's senior technical staff and consequently be able to assume the role of leadership and management. On the other hand, students who complete this program, the central system is successful in the vertical pass exam is also possible to continue licensing department. The program's faculty for two years.
Program Type

Full Time