About Of Programme

Forestry Department, Vocatıonal School of Aladag, Cukurova University was established in 2012. 2014-2015 Academic year started the training. Forestry division contribute to intermediate employee which can likes to work in natüre, be adapted to the natural conditions, providing a contribution to the developments in the field of forestry, respond to the needs to employ in the private sector and the public. Graduate students who have successfully completed the "Pre- Degree" receive Forest Technician and so they have the work opportunity. Students of Forestry program are given theoretical and practical courses related to the field of undergraduate programs, also those students are required to successfully complete 30 workday to graduate from the program.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

120 ECTS
Programın Lenght

2 years
Program Discriptions and Details

Forestry Department of Forestry and Forest Products Program; forest management, forest products, nursery techniques , wildlife , forest care and protection , introduction of forest products , production and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants , solid and plate-shaped wood products, timber and derivatives, wood promotion and planning of renewable energy sources of the material and forest management plans in higher education is an issue that undergraduate education units . Students are required to take elective courses within the area constitutes a rate of twenty-five percent of the total of 120 ECTS curriculum . Practical courses , our school and our training activities as well as the laboratory , Pose Forest Management is carried out within the boundaries of the forest .
Program Type

Full time